19 - 21 Nov 2024

Singapore EXPO

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Inspiring Sustainable Growth in Pharma, Biotech, and Chemical Industries

Why Process Innovation Asia-Pacific?

The chemical, pharmaceutical, health & beauty, and food processing industries face a dynamic landscape. 

Process innovation challenges:

  • Efficiency
  • Competitiveness
  • Sustainability.

Process Innovation Asia-Pacific (PIA) emerges as a Business Growth Platform poised to address and conquer these contemporary challenges.

The Exhibition delves into critical areas such as: 

  • regulatory compliance
  • quality control
  • cost management
  • supply chain simplification
  • energy efficiency
  • raw material optimization
  • waste reduction
  • and the integration of technologies. 

PIA connects industry professionals with solutions and cutting-edge technologies.

Exhibition, conferences, and business matching opportunities

The event is a commitment to fostering collaboration and knowledge-sharing among industry stakeholders. Process Innovation facilitates networking, allowing attendees to connect with a broad community of professionals, ranging from lab equipment producers to material developers, and forge partnerships that drive industry growth.

Rooted in the legacy of the world's premier process show, ACHEMA, it tailors the essence of this global expertise to meet the specific demands of the dynamic Asia-Pacific market.

PIA bridges the gap between global excellence and regional requirements.